gulab khandelwal selected poems

Even when his body was burning
With great torture of pain,
Poet ‘Tulsi’s heart melted in rich melodious songs.
His lips uttered the name of his Lord Rama.

He, who in his adolescence, captivated the world
By the sweet notes of his flute,
In his maturity,
Gave the message of ‘Gita’
From the battlefield of ‘Kurukchhetra.’
He never forgot the mission of his life.

The prince of poets, Ravindra,
Poured rains of poesy throughout his life.
Even when the boat of his life was sinking,
His lips were quivering with songs.
He was as melodious as a swan
Till his last breath.

Then why should I ever become quiet
Seeing the hunter approaching !
I will sing louder with every piercing arrow.
I will ease my heart-ache in words.

I don’t want to rest now,
There will be enough of rest with you.
To-day, you hear what I say,
Tomorrow, it will be my turn to hear
What you will be saying.
You alone will bear all these tortures tomorrow.