gulab khandelwal selected poems


Cradle of new civilization, laboratory of novel ideas,
Grasping this vast globe in its hands like a ball,
The first leap of humanity,
How beautiful is this land !
The victory-siren of the individual,
Manifesto of liberty,
How lovely is this green earth !

For how many thousand years,
This land, rich with water and fruits,
Had been calling us from the shores of the Atlantic !
This forest-woman,
Wearing hundreds of streams and rivers
Like garlands round her neck,
Spreading like locks,
The reflection of the long range of hills
In her shining lakes,
Had been cleaning her floor for our arrival !

How beautiful is her bubbling, throbbing,
Joyful face !
How cheerful !_ How natural !
There is a colorful fair of flowers all around,
The branches of trees are spreading before me
Like arms of care-free lasses,
How delicious is the air laden with kisses !
Everything is dreamlike, everything is fantastic.

There are smiles for every one here;
All are members of a family,
No one is unfamiliar or an outsider:
Black or white, rich or poor,
There is no one whom this land does not embrace.
In one step,
I have left the boundaries of want and dejection
Miles behind,
In one single gesture of this torch-bearing lady,
The whole meaning of life has changed.
The unfolding of a new morning, new sunrise,
New chirping of birds;
Every thing has a new look now.