gulab khandelwal selected poems

If I had stepped over this land
In the early part of my youth,
I don’t know
What I would have felt,
To-day, every smiling young girl appears to me
Like a garland around the neck of an idol.
The milk-white radiance of her half-naked body
Seems like the flame
Leaping out of a ceremonial fire.
Although the bright smiles on her lips ;
Draw golden lines in my heart,
And I feel,
As if, she clasps me in her arms through them,
Yet, when I glance inside,
Through these windows of her personality,
I find the divine radiance of beauty only !
Though I am lured,
It is like the attraction of a brother for his sister.
The fulfilment of a flower is to get transformed
Into a fruit.
The formless can be achieved through some form only.