gulab khandelwal selected poems

What an uncertain certainty is this !
The door automatically opens
When I want to go out.
No one welcomes me when I come back.
No one makes me sleep
When I am awake.
No one arouses me
When I am asleep.
All is like an unnecessary beginning,
Like a purposeless end.
Every season is alike,
Be it spring or winter.
Who cares,
If the wave rises or falls,
Breaks or goes on rolling
From shore to shore !
No one counts her curlings now.
I may go on walking
Or sit down in the corner of a park,
Raise my shoulders,
Or twist my neck,
No one has the time to stop and talk to me.
Would it not be nice,
If, like that little bird on the tree there,
I too flutter my wings and fly,
Become one with the blueness of the sky !