gulab khandelwal selected poems

Colored butterflies are flying all around me,
But I do not touch them.
How sweet it is
To remain surrounded by clouds of fragrance!
Neither hearing anything,
Nor seeing anything,
I simply want to float in these waves of beauty!

There is a poetry in every flower,
But is it necessary to pluck each of them?
An ocean of love rolls in every eye-lid,
But who would say,
You should form a relationship
With each one of them !
I worship only that ray of beauty
Which has stopped on the shores of my heart,
Having dawned from your eyes.
As we become one
With the entire music of the universe
By playing on a single string,
As all the seven seas come rolling in our arms
By embracing a single wave,
The entire beauty of creation
Has become one with me
By being attached to your loving eyes.
The earlier feeling of loneliness and neglect
Have now vanished from my heart
Like a nightmare.