the evening rose

Ode to Time

I cannot stop you, O running Time!
But mark you this my wishful dream
That I, on your breast, for ever shall shine
Like shadow of moon in a flowing stream

How can you efface me when each day
You will hear people sing my lyrics sweet!
Although my clay will mix with clay
My words will echo my each heart-beat

What, if my outward show was poor
I’ve lived as a prince in poetry’s domain
The muses, for me, have opened their door
And the gods from heaven, their blessings did

Th’ve fulfilled my life’s great dream
To create through words, universal bond
Of love and tribute to the power supreme
And lively songs, all hearts respond

My powers have still their earlier glow
Though age will have its share anyway
I hope to be ready when I have to go
With no regrets, at the close of day