the evening rose

The Evening Rose

Where are the birds that awoke me in the
And greeted me with dance and music sweet?
Oh, how I wished to fly like them and sing
And myself too, the sunrays, like them greet!

Where are the bees, my fragrance tried to steal
And suck my honey? Where is the cuckoo dear
That never to me did her love-feelings reveal
Although her love-notes, I could always hear?

Now even the butterfly that passes me by
Doesn’t stop for a moment and with me talks
Although the breezes still clasp me dearly
They do so only to get scented their cloaks

But I am not disheartened or downcast
This is the fate that everyone shall meet
Beauty and love do not for ever last
And time in this way each of us does treat

I am happy in my present state
Although the early grace and charms are gone
My lovers still my petals appreciate
The evening rose has beauty of its own