gulab khandelwal selected poems

In what lanes of an unknown city,
You might be roaming,
O deceived one !
O love-torn heart !
Do you still remember my love,
The love which had come in the evening of spring
And went away
In the morning of winter,
Like the unfortunate child
Which fell in eternal sleep
Just after coming out
From the womb of its mother.
Ah! I still weep for you,
Still smother my sobs in the pillow
When I remember you.
Life is a current
And the current never turns back.
The knot that gets untied in life,
Never gets tied again;
‘The arms that open,
Ever remain open.
But oh dear!
Why did you not call me from your canoe ?
At least, we could have floated together,
Sitting in our separate boats.
Although, life is closing in
And it is high time for the river
To get submerged in the ocean,
Yet, I still stand on that very point of time
Where you left me.
That one picture of our youth
Always floats in my eyes
When, with pupils
Shining with the pride of being loved,
Full of fear and modesty,
Words came out of your mouth haltingly,
‘Ah! you have followed me here also.’