Gulab Khandelwal – Selected Poems

    1. Accumulation is good
    2. Ah, when the next row will sit down for a feast
    3. All efforts to reach you failed
    4. Are you feeling sleepy, my father!
    5. Before the sun goes down
    6. Dialogue
    7. Do not stop these tears
    8. Do you avoid taking me in your arms
    9. Evening has arrived
    10. Every morning
    11. Every one is in a hurry
    12. Every thing is contained in words
    13. Forgive me
    14. Have you marked the eternal poetry
    15. How can your kindness be praised
    16. How helpless am I
    17. How quickly every thing changes!
    18. I accept, I have to bear
    19. I accept, you are without form
    20. I am the marionette of your hand
    21. I am tired of running in these dusty lanes
    22. I ask forgiveness
    23. I had committed that sin in childishness
    24. I have always marched forward
    25. I have arrived at the foot of the ladder
    26. I have arrived at the other side
    27. I have heard, there are unlimited
    28. I have heard, there are no limits
    29. It is good
    30. Life does not allow us any opportunity
    31. My breath should not send a shiver
    32. My expression has touched the sky
    33. My shadow is lengthening
    34. No doubt, you are a force
    35. Now my guitar is free of outward objects
    36. O father! forgive me
    37. O father! know it well
    38. O foolish woman!
    39. O musician!
    40. O my heart!
    41. O my heart! Why don’t you keep quiet!
    42. O potter!
    43. Oh dear!
    44. Our whole life passes like a dream
    45. Remove the attachment of authorship
    46. Seeing the sun going down
    47. That, for which I was ever running,
    48. That, which I wanted to sing
    49. The boundaries of the earth cannot contain me now
    50. The flower is not unhappy
    51. The gems of our feeling
    52. The poet within me said
    53. The seed inside the earth cried
    54. The sinner and the saint
    55. The time for being decked with flowers has arrived
    56. There is always a door in a door
    57. There is nothing new
    58. Today, tomorrow, day-after tomorrow
    59. We are untrue, we are unreal
    60. What an irony!
    61. What corner of the sky is this?
    62. What more blessings should I ask?
    63. What should I call you
    64. What will you say
    65. When I advance towards you
    66. When I said with repentance
    67. When there was nothing
    68. Where are you going
    69. Where is this chariot going?
    70. Whom should I call my own?
    71. Why do you keep me at bay?
    72. You gave me flowers
    73. You had sent me
    74. You have put me in great perplexity to-day
    75. You have tied one end of the rope around my neck
    1. All that I have written
    2. Darkness
    3. Don’t grieve
    4. Eternal Parting
    5. How quickly we have arrived at the river
    6. How to fly beyond life
    7. Look, the yellow-colored evening has set
    8. Only I will not be here
    9. The day is closing
    10. They are all gone
    11. We are dried leaves on a tree
    12. What an uncertain certainly is this
    13. Who will be the witness of this pain of my heart
    14. Why have I caught this serpent
    1. After reading my poems
    2. All through the night
    3. Although I have come close to your heart
    4. Can the entire wealth
    5. Colored butterflies are flying all around me
    6. Come, let us meet through the Gods
    7. Don’t acknowledge me
    8. Don’t wait for me
    9. Every evening should have a new name
    10. How did it happen
    11. I am not
    12. I am ready to sail in a boundless ocean
    13. I do not find words
    14. I have loved you and you alone
    15. I have washed away the writing
    16. I want to play with your tresses
    17. I will come here again
    18. If go I must
    19. If we two alone remain on a secluded island
    20. If you ever came to this forest
    21. In what lanes of an unknown city
    22. It is true
    23. It is you alone
    24. It was only you
    25. Let the cuckoo remain silent this time
    26. O sweet-heart
    27. Oh dear! Leave me as you had found me
    28. Oh dear! Why do you always come
    29. Oh! how close to your heart did I come
    30. Seeing a flower withering away on its branch
    31. Some drops of tears
    32. Tell the cuckoo
    33. That which was conveyed
    34. The fulfillment of life
    35. The image is being broken and scattered
    36. The memory of the moments spent
    37. There was a river
    38. What a helplessness
    39. Whatever people may say
    40. When the glitter of my robes is lost
    41. Where have I the time to love the flowers
    42. Who is this third person between you and me
    43. With a familiar smile on your lips
    44. Words have stopped on my lips
    45. You had said
    46. Your beauty’s being possessed by others
    47. Your letter
  1. Even when his body was burning
  2. Hail America
  3. How quickly every thing changes
  4. I am not a form
  5. I have no pangs
  6. If I had stepped over this land
  7. If is futile to doubt rebirth
  8. It is easy to create new characters
  9. It is rumoured
  10. Life is not a straight line
  11. fortieth sun of my age!
  12. O loving mother!
  13. Oceans are playing in my arms
  14. Our whole life vanishes like a dream
  15. The grave-yard
  16. The world is neither good nor bad
  17. To tell the truth
  18. Two fair lasses
  19. Why should we envy
  20. You won’t be able to efface me